Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

There are two Poems on this page
The Street Walker & Child Of The Night
The Street Walker

Down on the bad side of town
on some back street corner at night
there stands a lovely lady
under the street light
she wants to take me home with her
said she'd treat me real nice
I told that'd be ok
but she'd have to lower her price

She stands there almost every night
some times she gets in a car
they go around the corner
to the alley, it's not too far
twenty minutes or so later
she's back under the street light
tonight she's begging me
she's having a rather slow night

I bite my lip and turn away
the oldest trick in the book
she calls to me I turn around
then she gives me that look
I knew it would be ok now
to go back to her home
it's only gonna cost half price
it'll be good to get her alone...

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Child Of The Night
You may recall a song done back in 1988 called "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns & Roses... Well if you can find the tune to that song somewhere in your mind, then you can sing this poem [to that same tune]

I see her on the street at night
she always says hello
she'll talk to me about her could be's
follows me where ever I go

She wants me to take her to a room
maybe spend the night
she said for a hundred dollars
she'll make me feel alright

oh, oh sweet child o' the night
ohhhh oh, child of the night

She's on the street from dusk to dawn
she's always looking good
tries her best to make me confess
that I know she would

do anything that I ask her to
but only for a price
she looks good like a street walker should
and she's always very nice

oh, oh child of the night
ohhhh oh, child of the night

The other night about half past two
I went out for a walk
looked for my child of the night
I wanted to do more than talk

I searched the alley and her favorite spot
she was no where to be found
some one said she was giving head
when the police came around

oh, oh child of the night
ohhhh, a child of the night

I went down to the police station
and I tried to make her bail
all I got was a run around
some very fishy tale

I was told to come back later
I couldn't understand why
but when I saw what was going on
I broke down and cried

oh, oh child of the night
ohhhh oh, a child of the night

Back in the small supply room
she was busy giving head
all the cops said please don't stop
suck off another of us instead

I called to her she didn't answer
then the sergeant up in front said
you better go, we'll let her know
you stopped by and your heart bled

oh, oh sweet child of the night
ohhhh oh, a child of the night

I see her out on the street at night
she's always working hard
she'll talk to me about her could be's
both her arms are scarred

I want to take her away from this
but she said this is her life
don't want to have just one man
she don't want to be a wife

oh, oh child of the night
oohhhh oh, a child of the night...©2002 Jim Nasium

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