Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

Castles In The Sand

What's the sense in planning any thing
when nothing goes accord to plans
the tide comes in every evening
washes clean the sands
castles you built in the afternoon
are gone by sun set then
a new day comes in the morning
so why build new castles again

Why bother to even plan ahead
when with each new day
every thing you wanted
seems to just fade away
you're left alone on a beach
made to feel quite small
nothing's with in your reach
so why even bother at all

Why bother to plan for tomorrow
when you've already lost today
no sense in wanting anything
you never get you're own way
left alone to face the day
half the man you used to be
broken and left to lean on a crutch
there's no future that you can see

What's the sense in planning
nothing goes accord to plans
watching the hour glass
you're down to the last few sands
half the man you used to be
no one could understand
weak and sick with a walking stick
no one to lend a hand...

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©2001 Jim Nasium
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