Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

You Don't Love Me

I call you on the phone
ask you to meet with me
I suggest our favorite spot
the dock down on the sea
you say "yes, that'd be ok
lets do it right away"
but I know you don't love me
no matter what you say

You hold my hand tightly
as we take a walk
you spend some time with me
and we get to talk
the truth's in your eye
it's very plain to see
there's no reason to lie
I know you don't love me

We walk along the beach
near the tide where we shouldn't be
we're together right now but
you don't belong to me
you tell me you want me
you say I know it's true
but I know you don't love me
yet you swear that you do

We part and go our way
each to our own home
we'll spend another night there
apart, and all alone
I want to be with you
ya say you want me too
but I know that you don't love me
what'a my supposed to do

I call you on the phone
we talk for awhile
I can tell you almost any thing
you always make me smile
I love to hear your voice
but I don't know what to do
I haven't any choice
you don't love me and I know it's true...

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©2001 Jim Nasium
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