Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

You And I Are Through

You've always got to be first
it's always got to be about you
I've tried so hard to make it work
but there's nothing else I can do
you've always got to be right
won't listen to advice I give you
you've rejected me for the last time girl
you and I are through

You think you're Gods gift to men
treat all your men like dirt
what made you think I had no feelings
didn't you realize that I could be hurt
I tried to put up with your bullshit
because I do love you
but I've had all that I can take
you and I are through

You want things you can't have
need things that aren't good for you
won't take anyone's advice
just do what you want to do
you come and go like a movie star
look down at folks around you
I'm telling you for the last time
you and I are through

You know I did the best I could
I've tried to put up with you
but time and time again
you left me hurt and blue
rejected once too may times
I know what got to do
it's time for me to walk away
you and I are through...

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©2001 Jim Nasium
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