Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

Vito Valentino Was Her Friend

From a family who has laid
miles of rail road track in trade
for land that's now called Reading town
named for them who are still around

Smart as a whistle dumb as a tack
her head has yet to learn the fact
things are not always as the seem
lies are told as bright eyes gleam

Skinny little red neck boys
that she used like sex toys
days gone by out near the pool
there was only ever one fool

His gates were guarded day and night
pines trees tall block the sun light
nights spent on the balcony
none of this is funny to me

Large private condos on the beach
a hotel room with the museum in reach
road side stops where truckers go
and she thought I didn't know

Too many night have passed by now
and I know I must some how
learn to just get over it all
but it hurts to see what I saw

A towers on the island stands
no one really understands
nothing special not at all
it's just that she took a bad fall

All alone for most the time
seems to have effected her mind
happy one day mad the next
a wanna be witch and a useless hex

Lost as far as I can see
she says she's only got eyes for me
can't she see it's all so wrong
how'd I fall for her siren song

Swimming waters late at night
to get to her island by moon light
thinking maybe if she's still there
she'd have some time she'd like to share

Coffee brewing on the table
she knows I'm willing and able
asks me if I'd like a treat
I say yes, something sweet

Another night goes flying by
sometimes I still wonder why
I can't do what she wants me too
it's much to hard to explain to you

White picket fence and a cottage house
sitting around quiet as a mouse
a little garden and a tree
is not the kind'a life for me

Papers hitting the front door
nothing changes any more
I've grown tired of it all
I can't understand what I saw

Vito Valentino was her friend
she'll not get the chance to fuck him again
had the whole world in her hand
but she fell in love with another man

Time stands still for no one they say
she's proved that wrong day after day
and if you just can't understand
all I can say is, I'm sorry man....

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