Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

Just Another Day

It's been just another day for me
one more day that's almost gone
there's enough time left to sit quietly
drawing and writing until dawn
enough time to pray for a tomorrow
time to thank god for my today
it's been just another day for me
I hope at least one more is on it's way

It's been just another day for me
but for you so much has changed
you've never seen me this sick before
my whole life has been rearranged
I've come to respect people
try to make the best of each day
I never thought about dying and death
until I knew death was on it's way

It's been just another day for me
uneventful but that's ok
at least we had a chance to talk
there was so much I wanted to say
perhaps now you can understand
why I've changed my priorities
thank God you're not sick
and wanted to get together with me

Just another day in my life
one more "gift from god" I say
when ya get as bad as I am
you're thankful for every day
death is always on your mind
you can hear it knocking at the door
you do the best you can to fight back
but you're not so strong anymore

It's been just another day
but at least I got to see you
I made you smile and laugh
the way I used to do
no strength to use the energy I have
there's was no reason for me to stay
we had some fun in the afternoon sun
then we each went our own way

It's been another day my life
that's slowly coming to and end
I can feel death growing inside of me
it'll surface soon, but I don't know when
I still have time to sit and write
I need to express my fears this way
I've still time to pray for a tomorrow
please Lord, just another day...

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©2001 Jim Nasium
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