Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

A Good Time

If you're looking for a good time
call this number any time at all
is what I read the other day
in the train station bathroom stall
I copied down the number
after all I never know when
I may be back in town sometime
and it's always good to have a friend

If you want to have a party
call me any time at all
is what I saw written with a number
out on the loading platform wall
I copied down the number
after all I never know when
I might have to return and
spend some time in town again

"If you're lonely and want a friend
to spend some time with you
I always got a couple of free hours
and I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do
if you're ever around these parts again
you can come over to my place"
she whispered in my ear
with a smile on her face

"If you want to come to Philly
you can come with me right now"
I said to the lady sitting next to me
who seemed to know me somehow
she saw right through me she said
nailed me right to the wall
she was really very beautiful
had my interest standing tall

She slid closer to me on the seat
put her hand between my legs
said "I'm a sports model
I lost my tubes and have no eggs
and yes I'd like to come with you
because you seem like a real nice man
I'd like to stay a day or two
I think you understand

If you want to have a good time
you have to take a chance
forget all about love and loving
and that thing they call romance
it's better to just pay for it
then at least it's guaranteed
after all a man needs a woman
when he wants to plant his seed...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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