by Jim Nasium

What Will Be, Will Be

Alone for far too many years
no one to talk to late at night
she wanders around aimlessly
on the back streets under street lights
her hairs a mess and so are her clothes
the look on her face isn't funny
some one told me the other day
she has a lot of money

I walked over to her standing there
said "Hi my name is Jim
would you like to get something to eat with me"
I asked her on a whim
she smiled and said "that's nice of you
tell me where do you want to go"
I had to think for a minute
then said "is there a real nice place you know"

She asked me to drive her back to her home
said she wanted to change her dress
when I walked into her penthouse suite
I was shocked to see such a mess
newspapers books and magazines
were everywhere on the floor
the place smelled a lot like cat shit
I wondered what I was there for

She said "I better shower
maybe wash my hair"
I told her that'd be fine
and that I'd meet her there
she told me that she needed me
at least to wash her back
then invited me to shower with her
and to stay for a roll in the sack

I opened up all her windows
to let some fresh air in
just then se called out to me
and asked me once again
"come on take off all your clothes
and get in the shower with me"
I figured ok, what the hell
what'll be will be

I went into the bathroom
I couldn't believe my eyes
she was so very beautiful
much to my surprise
she had a shaved twat
her ass was round and tight
we never did get to eat
we just stayed in bed all night...

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