by Jim Nasium

The Autumn Of Her Life

They met in the spring of their lives
spent their summer together in bliss
he was a bit older than her
when he passed on he was missed

she cried a river of tears for him
prayed till she could pray no more
left to face her life alone
she had no idea what was in store

a cool crisp breeze whips around
the dried dead colored leaves
that fall to the ground in the cemetery
where the tired old lady grieves

paying no attention to the leaves
or the cold wind here in this place
she kneels in front of his grave stone
longing to see his face

the autumn of her life is here
his winter has come and gone
she wants to be where he is
and prays it won't be long

remembering all the good times
the spring and summer gave to them
she longs for her winter
just to see him again...

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