Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

Another Easter

font> The park was decorated in purple and pink
there were ribbons and bows every where
a local church had sponsored the annual event
they have always been very willing to share
the Easter eggs were hidden in bushes and trees
the children each had a basket in their hand
Father Patrick O'Malley blew his whistle loud
the children ran and started hunting, as planned

I sat on the bench near the fountain
surround by spring flowers every where
I didn't want to be a part of the crowd
none of them seemed to care
as I watched the children looking for eggs
that were hidden every where in the park
I guess I must have fallen asleep
when I woke up it was already dark

I gathered my things and made my way
to the parking lot to get my car
suddenly a light hit me in the eye
it appeared to be coming from a star
I felt something happen to me that day
ever since I have not be afraid
He can call me home any time at all
I am ready and my plans are made

Another Easter has come and gone
to most it was just another day
I drove out the local park
to watch the children play
the happiness they express
helps me to get along
not one word needed to be exchanged
I know my times not long

I was also thinking of using this last line, which do you like better? "their joy gives me hope to be strong" ...

Another Poem

Good Friday

Good Friday is special
it's a very sad day
they crucified Him
then He passed away
but He came back
and rose from the dead
I can't get the truth
out of my head

I sit here writing all my insides hurt
my youth is gone
don't know about tomorrow
but right now for today
I know it's alright because
He answers me when I pray
©2003 Jim Nasium

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