Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

Her soft summer dress flapping in the breeze
no shoes or stockings on
she was walking on the beach today
just shortly after dawn
the moment I first saw her
I thought she was a dream
after all I'm very aware that
thing's aren't always as they seem

The tide came in as the red sun rise
brought the promise of another day
I watched her walk towards the water
then raise her hands as if to pray
I thought it best to leave her alone
yet something told me to stay
a part of me was thinking that
this could be my lucky day

Long dark hair deep brown eyes
tall and slim with that "special" look
the lady from Brazil won my heart
one look was all it took
I know it wasn't right to watch her
but I watched her anyway
when she turned to ask me why
I couldn't think of a word to say

she started walking closer
with that models runway walk
I tried to gather up my strength
I knew she'd want to talk
she asked me what I wanted
was there some thing she could do
we sat on the beach together
talking until half past two

I asked her if was she hungry
she said she could use a meal
she asked me to help her up
when I held her hand I could feel
she was warmer than most people
there was magic in her eyes
her touch gave me goose bumps
much to my surprise

We walked together hand in hand
to a corner outdoor cafe
ordered some wine and a giant meal
sat there the whole rest of the day
as the sun was setting in the west
over on the other side of town
I asked her if she lived nearby
and if she'd mind me stopping around

She bent over to kiss me
said she had to leave real soon
she looked so beautiful standing there
behind her the light from the moon
I asked to let me walk her home
she said she had to go
I asked if I'd ever see her again
she looked at me and said no

I lowered my head for a moment
to wipe the tear from my eye
when I looked back up at her
she was gone and I didn't know why
I looked all over for her
no one said they saw her at all
I tried to describe her the best I could
long black hair, slender and tall

Just then I heard children laughing
there was sunlight in my eye
I must have fallen asleep on the beach
and much to my surprise
the whole day spent with the lady
was only a very short dream
that's the way my life goes
nothing is ever as it seems...

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