Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

I Pray For Dawn

Making our way up river
much slower than before
she wanted to turn back
said, "I'm tired of the tour"

Three days on this river
all alone with you
tired of sitting still and
there's not much we can do

We hear strange birds calling
from high up in the trees
she swears we're being watched
said "won't you turn around please"

Not wanting to turn back
I pushed on ahead
she curled up in the cabin
said "I'm going to bed"

Another star filled night sky
alone on the Amazon
slowly floating on muddy water
silently praying for dawn

Then I heard her whisper
"you know that I love you"
she gave me the strength I needed
to make sure that we got through

Just another adventure
a fond memory that's gone
I can see she's sleeping
so I pray for Dawn

In this poem, in case you didn't get it, I'm not only talking about sun up [dawn] but I am talking about a woman who's name was Dawn [that's why one dawn is in lower case letters, and the other Dawn is not...

long legs and lot'a energy
nice ass and a very witty mind
hot as they come anywhere
you'd agree that Dawn was fine

she said she loved me dearly
I didn't know what to do
yes it broke my heart
when me and Dawn were through

she still sends me letters
from some far away place
when I close my eyes
I can still see her face

she had a smile
like I had never seen
Dawn got in my head
I'm sure ya now what I mean...

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