Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

The Doctor Said It's All In My Head

Like an emotional roller coaster
there's always up's and down's
you try hard to play the part
hide the tears of a clown
one day when you least expect it
every thing becomes too much for you
the doctor said it's all in my head
too weak to talk and so blue

Like an emotional slaughter
you left me here to bleed
you slandered my good name
took away every thing I need
never had any thing I wanted
so I'm left with nothing at all
the doctor said it's all in my head
when I try to walk I fall

Like an emotional midget
a boy trapped inside of a man
wanting only to enjoy his life
but no one seems to understand
left to wander aimlessly
can't understand a word that's said
too weak to speak and pencil thin
the doctor said it's all in my head

Like an emotional cripple
unable to understand
can't feel a thing any more
lost, with out a plan
another day comes to me
I should'a stayed in bed
much too weak to even speak
the doctor said it's all in my head...

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