Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

The Across The Bridge On Line Affair

I met her not too long ago
one night on some poetry list
she made a few innuendo's
instantly I got her gist
she gave me directions to her home
she asked me to pay her a call
then I found out she was in Jersey
across the bridge, forty minutes from the mall

She lives in a house near the sea
she said mostly she's there alone
she hasn't got a color TV
a radio or cell phone
but she has a computer
it takes up the whole front room
she sits alone for days at a time
her home's quiet as a tomb

She run's her little business
an internet server for east jersey
she got so many computer things
her home's a real joy to see
she has so much to teach me
well at least that's what she said
right after she got off her knees
that first time she gave me head

I go to see her often now
she's not too far away
I always have fun when I'm there
but she don't want me to stay
we'll spend a night together
in the morning she has things to do
it's rather a nice arrangement
there's more I'd like to tell you

One night while sitting on the beach
she told me about the sea
she taught me to listen to the waves
they're as peaceful as can be
she helped to tune into
the rhythm of the sea
we sat and watched the sun set
alone together just she and me

I've never felt so relaxed
as when I do go there
I love the colors that I see
when the sun light dances in her red hair
I like the way she talks to me
she makes me feel like a clown
we laugh and joke like normal folk
and fuck more than anyone in town

I don't know where she came from
but I figure it must be fate
when I saw the picture she sent me
I already knew it was too late
I went to her right away
and I keep on going back
we get along rather well
especially in the sack

I knew that this would happen
sooner or later eventually
when one door is closed
another door opens for me
I love the way she don't need me
she can do well all on her own
the lady knows what she's want
mostly just my bone

the drive home is often unhappy
even though I got things to do
if you knew how good she makes me feel
you'd want to go there too
I guess things will finally work out
but only in there own time
I think I finally found the one
I'd marry and call mine...

and if you believe that one; I got another one for ya...

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