Poetry by Jim Nasium

I AM An Artist

It's painfully clear to me now
I won't be doing concrete work for a long time
this sitting around doing nothing all day
is driving me out of mind
I need to find something I can do
not only to keep me busy
but I need a new way to earn some cash
it's time for some new money for me

I guess the time has come
to stand on the street with a hat
laid out on the sidewalk before me
what'a ya think about that
I could spend the rest'a my days
hanging out and bumming change
but the more I think about it
that idea sounds way too strange

Maybe I could play the lottery
where would the ticket money come from
maybe if I bummed changed all day
at night I could get me some
maybe one day I'd pick a winner
get millions of dollars for free
but the more I think about it
I'm just not that lucky

It'd be great if I could find somebody
that wanted me to build them a web site
I'd be free to work on it for them
all day and all freaking night
I'd charge them the going rate
which would be very nice for me
I'd have fun creating for someone
and make some new money

Maybe I could tutor somebody
charge them money to show them how
I do the things I do with this computer
teach them Adobe, Corel and Pal
maybe they come three times a week
lthey could stay for an hour or so
that'd be a pretty cool I guess
but no one wants to be tutored I know

It's as if there's only one thing left for me
to do at this point in my life
and no it is not to get married
I don't need no freaking wife
it's time for me to be who I am
and concentrate on my art
I know if I start promoting my self
I could tear the art world apart

It's time for me to be an artist
depend on my art to make money for me
time I get out and show my work
to art dealers and the galleries
time to shamelessly promote myself
I need to do this for me
the time has come to be an artist
and hopefully make some money

It's good that I have all this free time
so what if I'm a little bit sick
I can still talk a pretty god deal
and I'd give my clients their pick
I know I can make it as an artist
I can stir things up real good
so I'm going to do just that
something inside tells me that I should

I know I am an artist
have been since I was a boy
I love to sit and draw
creating brings me such joy
now if the right person would only
see my work and start to buy
I know I'd be ok
I'm sure I could get by...
©2002 Jim Nasium

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